We Are The Forest

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On Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming We Are The Forest to our classroom where we explored the connections we have with forests. Nate Ayers showed us similarities in structural patterns (fractal properties) and explained the symbiotic relationship that exists between trees and humans with an emphasis on how the health of the former contributes to that of the latter. But the connections went beyond concerns about the environment.

Music and storytelling help define us and the forest has played a fundamental role in shaping these aspects of our shared human culture. Various cultures across the world have utilized the forest to make instruments which enable us to share stories through music. Nick Ayers (Nate’s brother) shared stories and songs with these instruments and it was amazing to hear how the sounds produced mimicked the sounds of air, water, and earth.

We ended our session with the installation of a “tree library” comprised of native trees that we will use for study, propagation, soil building, and a step towards creating resilient and regenerative systems at our school. The trees planted will help provide shelter and food for animals, and over time, food and fiber for our school (as well as more places to hide and climb.)

Our day ended with gratitude for the experience and hope for our shared future.


Digging in the Dirt is Good for You

There was much to do this week outdoors now that spring has finally sprung. We spent time in both electives and homeroom tending to the grounds and preparing different gardens. During our elective, we sowed seeds which we will transplant when ready. They are currently cozy in the greenhouse. We also planted a cover crop and ground cover on “the pit” to stop the erosion and rebuild the soil.  Some of the students also planted potatoes thanks to a generous donation of cured starters from Kaz and Aviana’s parents.

A new red maple and white pine were planted on the playground in honor of Earth Day and as an initial step toward adding new trees to the playground area in the place of those that were taken down.

Our class also worked with Shan and the 1/2s preparing both a rain garden and a butterfly garden. We mapped out the planting spaces to ensure that the plants would have enough room and helped the 1/2s dig and plant the native plants that will help us catch and store water on our property and attract pollinators.

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