Compost . The Adventure Park

This week, we spent time studying compost, how it’s made and how it benefits the soil and the environment. The students looked at articles and an animation and drafted responses to questions, focusing on complete sentences and domain-specific vocabulary.

 In preparation for the presentation, some students spent time raking and shredding leaves (part of the “browns” necessary for a healthy compost pile) and adding them to the bin. Others worked on sharing what they knew in the form of a presentation while others made comics. The last group worked on a list of things that can and can’t be composted which will hang in the atrium to help guide students dispose of their compostable materials in the right spot.
We also ventured to the Adventure Park in West Bloomfield. This was both a team-building exercise and a way for us to develop a connection with nature and trees, which will be a part of our ongoing studies for the year.

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