Pickled Tomatoes . Garden . Interland . Water . Code

This week we harvested squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes from the garden. We pickled the tomatoes so we can have a little taste of summer later in the season.
We pulled bindweed and thistle from the garden and looked into the soil conditions that help those plants thrive. After collecting soil samples, we will send them off to MSU for a soil test to see if our predictions about the soil are true. From there we will look into amendments to improve the health of the soil.
We continued our work with the Little Prince, focusing on some of the philosophical aspects of the story, including what was real and how we can find reality in fictional events.
The class also spent time in Interland, Google’s Digital Citizenship program. The focus this week was on sharing. We talked about digital footprints and the importance of being mindful of what we shared online. The students then played a game where they had to determine what kind of information they would share with whom.
Continuing our work with water, we met Catie Wytychak, Water Quality Specialist, from Washtenaw County to conduct some water tests at County Farm Creek, right across the street from SK.
In math, in addition to our Singapore work, the students began a coding course through www.code.org.

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