Other SK Blogs

Joanna Hastings – Head of School

Joanna’s Head of School blog

Val – Kindergarten

Val’s kindergarten blog

Elaine – 1st / 2nd Grade

Elaine’s 1st/2nd blog

Susan – 1st/2nd Grade

Susan’s 1st/2nd blog

Andaiye Spencer – 3rd/4th Grade

Spencer’s 3rd/4th blog

Jason DePasquale – 5th/6th Grade

Jason’s 5th/6th blog

Sam Hirschman – 5th/6th Grade

Sam’s Math and More blog

Karl Sikkenga – 7th/8th Grade

Karl’s 7th/8th blog

Imogen Giles – French and Latin

Imogen’s French and Latin blog

Shiyu Nitsos – Mandarin

Shiyu’s Mandarin blog

Tracy Gallup – Art – Grades 1-4

Tracy’s art blog

Monica Wilson

Monica’s middle school art blog

Rachel’s SK library blog




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SK – 3rd / 4th Grade

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